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Planning for Buyers

Blog by Cliff McCool | January 26th, 2007

I often tell Sellers that buyers don't have an imagination so it is important to stage their property so that a buyer doesn't have to use their imagination. Unfortunately, in todays market, buyers often rely on their imagination because of poor planning.

While a buyer may spend several months looking for just the right property, once they find it they have very little time to make a decision. If the property is a good one and the price is right, there is probably at least one other buyer interested in the same property. They have hours to make a decision as to whether to write an offer or not. 

The biggest issue that requires a buyers imagination is room size. Will my dining room suite fit? Will my bedroom suite fit? While buyers are looking at houses, I encourage them to figure out what the minimum size for each room needs to be if they have any particular furniture requirements. If they have a room that is the minimum size - measure that room. If they have a room now that could be a bit smaller, move the furniture away from the walls until it is the minimum acceptable size - measure what the room would be. Bring those measurements on every showing.

If you find the home of your dreams, pull out your tape measure. Measure those rooms and make sure they fit your requirements. Too often I have had buyers measure up the rooms of their new house after they have written the contract. Be prepared - measure first.

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