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Globalization of Real Estate

Blog by Cliff McCool | February 3rd, 2007

Real Estate has a global market!!!

The buyer of 2007 is very different from the buyer of 10 years ago. Today's Buyers are taking full advantage of the
information available on the internet and are becoming very educated. They are then using realtors to confirm their
research and fill in any missing blanks. That certainly makes my job much easier as a sophisticated buyer is much
more likely to complete on any offers written.

This access to information is broadening the buyer pool for most real estate products. Because the internet is global, buyers are able to research properties virtually anywhere in the world. This also means that realtors must be marketing their listings to global buyers.

It is easy to say that real estate is global but I try to use examples wherever possible. I just looked at the statistics for my web site over the past 7 days. Of course I have had visitors from all over the US and Canada - from Miami to Fort Nelson and from Honolulu to Moncton. But visitors have also been coming in from New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Korea and all over Europe. The only notable exceptions were Russia and South America. And that is just the last 7 days - it doesn't get much more global than that.

If you are interested in marketing your property to these international buyers, please give me a call toll free at 866-726-2268.

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